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What the Talent Lifecycle Looks Like in a World “Beyond Employment”

What the Talent Lifecycle Looks Like in a World “Beyond Employment”

Have you heard phrases like “non-employment work arrangements,” “freelance talent platforms” and “labor market intermediaries”? They reflect an emerging trend in which work and workers exist “beyond employment”

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. Increasingly, these new approaches to work are fundamentally changing how you achieve your organization’s mission—and leaders who overlook them risk making the same mistake that taxi services made when they dismissed the emergence of ride-sharing services.

“Beyond employment” designates a world where the concept of a job may be irrelevant or inadequate for describing how work can be deconstructed and dispersed. It’s a world where reward systems must reflect that rewards are often non-monetary. It’s a world where workers can move seamlessly back and forth over an organization’s boundary, or never even join an organization, making concepts like “employee turnover” and “employee careers” too confining to capture the reality of the options available to companies and workers.

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