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Dr. John Boudreau is an award-winning and globally sought-after speaker, who gets top reviews for stimulating, rigorous, important, mind-stretching and timely topics, delivered with humor, humility and engagement.  He speaks to the timely topics listed below, and more generally about the future of work, teams, organizations, society and human resource management.

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Work Without Jobs

What will work look like in the future? The disruptions of 2020 and 2021 have accelerated the evolution of the very definition of work, and its role in organizations, society and workers’ lives, opportunities and well-being. Work is “melting” and being deconstructed. The work ecosystem is more boundary-less, beyond the traditional organization. Careers are being redefined as more diverse, boundless and reflecting lifelong learning and the 100-year life. Combinations of human and automated work perpetually change. This future holds a paradox in that it can produce a future that is more empowering and inclusive, but it can also be used in ways that are exploitive and less inclusive.

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Reinventing Jobs to Optimize Work Automation

AI will significantly disrupt and potentially empower the global workforce. It won’t happen all at once or in every job, but it will happen, and leaders will need an automation strategy that realizes its benefits, avoids needless costs, and rests on a more nuanced understanding of work. Leaders need a clear-eyed way to think about how these technologies will specifically affect their organizations. The right question isn’t which jobs are going to be replaced, but rather, what work will be redefined, and how?

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A groundswell of enthusiasm has emerged, to create a movement that will advance the future of the HR profession faster. Beginning in 2013, with a handful of like-minded HR leaders, the CHREATE initiative has attracted over 30 CHROs and other HR leaders. These HR leaders have devoted hundreds of hours of volunteer effort to map how HR must evolve to meet the future challenges in ten years, to identify pivotal initiatives to accelerate that evolution, and to design the actions needed to make the future a reality.

The CHREATE initiative is unique in its diversity, its open-source approach, and its emphasis on collective action that goes beyond the fine work of any one institution, to tap the synergies that are possible when we work together. Through the power of open-source collaboration, participant diversity, volunteerism and a unique combination of in-kind and financial resources, we aim to continue and extend the community of senior HR leaders who will reimagine a profession equipped to address the challenges of the future.

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Lead The Work: Navigating New Organizational Forms, Intermediaries, and Alternative Work Arrangements that Lie Beyond Employment

Future leadership will increasingly involve optimizing how you get the work done, not how you manage employees.  Estimates are that over 40% of work will soon be done by individuals that are not employed by the organization they work for.  Yet virtually all present laws, organizational systems and human resource processes are designed assuming that managing full-time employees is how work gets done.  A world beyond employment offers options such as alliances, talent-trading, tours of duty, freelancers, along with familiar options of outsourcing, temporary employment and contractors.  What are the fundamental dimensions of this new world, and how can they help leaders make better decisions about work and talent?

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Beyond Analytics: Strategic Decisions in the Age of the Smart Machine and Big Data

Leaders are urged to apply big data and predictive analytics to talent, leadership and organization capability.  Is better data and analysis the key to the long-sought strategic impact of human capital decisions?  Should you be investing millions in sophisticated data systems and analysis tools applied to your people?  Beyond the data and analytics, strategic success will hinge on fundamental questions about storytelling, culture, uncertainty and the connection between artificial and human intelligence.

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