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John Boudreau Interviewed on unSILOed Podcast

John Boudreau Interviewed on unSILOed Podcast

John Boudreau joins host Greg LeBlanc for Episode 142 of the unSILOed Podcast where he talks about how “work” is not synonymous with a “job,” trust when it comes to change, dealing with inevitable automation, and iphone upgrades as a metaphor for the changing workplace.

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The evolution of tasks & jobs:

“Can I give you a bonus for being a bus boy and coming over here and helping out with the wait staff? You know, and how long is it that you do that before you say, you know what? I’m getting paid at the bus boy, but 30% of my time I’m over here helping out highly paid waiters and waitresses. You know, if you’re not, don’t I get to get paid in the tips? and so – oh, wait a minute. Do we have a system that can pay you that way? Can we give you credit for the skills that you’re using over there?

So what is the evolution? So, basically that is kind of, this is not a dig on HR. These systems exist for everybody and they exist for a reason, but they require rethinking.”

Trust in changing workplaces:

“If we’re going to be in a relationship like a worker and their leaders, or a worker in their company, there needs to be some trust that the other party isn’t out to get you. Or that the other party hasn’t left aside your considerations in the interest of their own.”

Building community in new work environments:

“I think COVID has helped us to understand that there are new ways to build community. That said, it’s also helped us understand that that traditional system was so embedded, that those alternative ways of being remote or being fluid are difficult. Much more difficult than just taking a job.”

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