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The Intersection of Work, AI and Agile

The Intersection of Work, AI and Agile

Speed and volume of change and work is putting pressure on HR leaders to keep pace with many at risk of falling behind.

In response, HR leaders are looking at how to incorporate technology and AI into HR to offload routine tasks while leaving more strategic work to the HR Business Partner.

So the key question is – how can we deconstruct work to carve out the strategic from the routine?

Dr John Boudreau will be speaking to the Agile HR Consortium on the latest research and practical examples regarding work and automation. He will discuss:

  • The principle of deconstruction and how it plays into automation
  • The role of HR leadership in the work automation process
  • How HR can be a role model in applying these principles

John and the participants will then jointly discuss:

  • How can you deconstruct HR work into key components
  • How to determine which HR services to deploy via technology and AI
  • How to best organize the remaining work
  • How agile and other transformation methods can be used to implement these changes inside your organization

Please join us via Zoom on August 14, 2019 at 11 am eastern US time.

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