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Dr. John Boudreau


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Dr. John Boudreau is an award-winning and globally sought-after speaker and presenter who gets top reviews for stimulating, rigorous, important, mind-stretching and timely topics, delivered with humor, humility and engagement. Below are videos to recent appearances
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Episode 142: unSILOed Podcast

John Boudreau joins host Greg LeBlanc for Episode 142 of the unSILOed Podcast where he talks about how “work” is not synonymous with a “job,” trust when it comes to change, dealing with inevitable automation, and iphone upgrades as a metaphor for the changing workplace.

Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)

“i4cp Next Practices Now 2022 Conference – Day 1 Work without Jobs: How to Reboot Your Organization’s Work Operating System with John Boudreau” — In this session, Dr. John Boudreau shows that the solution is a radically new “work operating system” and offers a practical roadmap for the future of work. This new system deconstructs jobs, job holders and formal degrees into components like tasks/projects, skills/capabilities and qualifications.

Excerpt 1: “Ice Cubes”
Excerpt 2: “Operating System”

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