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Is The Best Career Erratic or Predictable? Data From Freelance Platforms Offers Clues

Is The Best Career Erratic or Predictable? Data From Freelance Platforms Offers Clues

If you were hiring an actor for a romantic comedy, would you prefer Hugh Grant, whose roles are consistently the leading love interest? Or Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose resume jumps from The Terminator to Kindergarten Cop to Governor of California? Or Tom Hanks, who has had a systematic progression from television to romantic comedies to more serious dramatic roles?

Hollywood may be an extreme example, but this is the kind of dilemma today’s leaders are faced with. In the emerging work ecosystem, a life-long career and “perfect fit candidate” is a thing of the past

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. Today, people have a plethora of work options—full-time jobs, projects, freelance gigs, contract work or part-time employment—which often means they have erratic job histories.

This new world of work opens a pressing question for organizations: Is a modern candidate more attractive if they’ve held a single similar position, progressed through a closely-related sequence of positions, or moved with agility between very different positions? While the answer isn’t certain, data from freelance platforms offers a few clues.

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